One of the Most Popular Online Slots in Canada is Legend Rising.

If you are familiar with Greek mythology, you are probably aware of the fabled story of the Phoenix rising from the ashes on two separate occasions. However, many of us are unaware of the fact that in Chinese mythology, the Phoenix, also known as Fenghuang, is regarded as an eternal bird that is uncommon in appearance and is said to carry messages of happiness. Players who are fortunate enough to get a winning combination on the reels of the vibrant invention that StakeLogic has created, Legend Rising, will undoubtedly find this myth to be accurate. Legend Rising has the potential to quickly become one of the most popular online slot games in Canada because to its extensive collection of lucrative symbols and features, as well as its one-of-a-kind screen layout and the possibility of up to 25088 pay ways.

Legendary Symbols

The artwork, animations, and calming soundtrack of Legend Rising beautifully create an atmosphere that is reminiscent of the Orient. On the screen of the game, there is a golden and crimson Phoenix rising from behind, and the backdrop artwork represents a Chinese hamlet and a canal that is filled with lotus blossoms that are floating and lighted by candles. A lotus flower, a bonsai tree, fortunate coins, a green dragon, a blue dragon, and a golden Phoenix are some of the symbols that are included in the base game. Additionally, there are four glittering card suit emblems. When three or more of these symbols appear adjacent to one another on successive reels, moving from left to right, you are in a position to win prize money. Additionally, there are two Wild symbols, two Scatter symbols, and two Bonus symbols, all of which have the potential to pay out even more money.

Remarkable Characteristics

The screen structure of Legend Rising is also one of the reasons why it will leave a long-lasting effect on gamers who enjoy playing slots at online casinos in Canada. It begins with five reels, each of which has three symbols that are arranged in a pattern of three, four, four, three. This, however, has the potential to randomly extend to display five reels, each of which contains 7-8-8-8-7 symbols, so increasing the number of winning ways in the game to a staggering 25088. In addition, the centre Hot Zones are present in both reel layouts. These Hot Zones encompass the second, third, and fourth reels, with the exception of the bottom and top rows. Golden versions of the basic Wild, Scatter, and Bonus symbols are elevated to higher payoff potential when they appear within the Hot Zones. This occurs when the symbols appear within the Hot Zones. By way of illustration, the ordinary Wild and the gold Wild are both capable of substituting for any symbol, with the exception of the Scatter. However, the gold Wild additionally confers Multipliers. Moreover, the gold Scatter will quadruple the value of the total bet multiplier, despite the fact that both chest Scatter symbols pay random total bet multipliers. That takes us to the bonus symbols, which are the standard and the gold ones. An additional round of free spins will be triggered if three of either of the Bonus symbols appear on the reels. The normal Bonus symbol will award three free spins, while the gold Bonus symbol will provide six free spins.

What is the Location of Legend Rising?

If you are looking for a trustworthy online slots location in Canada, where you can find Legend Rising and other titles that are comparable to it, all you need to do is seek for a virtual casino that caters to games that are developed by StakeLogic, the company that is responsible for the software. When picking your choice, it is important to bear in mind the following: an alluring welcome offer, consistent bonuses, comprehensive support that is available around the clock in your language and currency, banking solutions that are reliable, responsible gaming practises, and, of course, a fantastic range of games that are suitable for your needs.