Idaho Daily Fantasy Sports Sites: Legal Betting on the Finest DFS Sites

Although Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) have been officially outlawed in Idaho and the two largest DFS operators have ceased operations in the state, there remains optimism regarding the potential resurgence of this increasingly popular wagering activity in the United States. Continue reading to discover how Idado arrived at their conclusion and how they might return to legalization.

Define Daily Fantasy.

Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) is an online competition where participants construct a roster of athletes representing a specific league. Points are awarded to these teams in accordance with the real-life performances of the players in the DFS events. Due to the brief duration of competitions and the salary limits that all participants must adhere to, it may be necessary for them to assemble their squads on a daily or even weekly basis.

DFS wagering has been deemed unlawful in the state of Idaho since June 2019. There are currently no indications that this will alter in the foreseeable future.

An Overview of Online Daily Fantasy Sports in Idaho
In comparison to other jurisdictions in the United jurisdictions, Idaho has relatively conservative wagering laws. The state constitution prohibits all forms of wagering, with the exception of horse racing, bingo, and the lottery. This prohibition prohibits the operation of any casino table games, including blackjack, slot machines, and poker, in the state where the participant stands to lose money.

Idaho allowed Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) on an unofficial basis for a period of time, until the state attorney general ruled that the activity violated state gambling laws and was therefore prohibited. Prominent DFS platforms FanDuel and DraftKings reached a withdrawal agreement from Idaho, contingent on the existence of a viable legal pathway for their re-entry should state legislation be amended to permit DFS.

Idaho is not currently considering legalizing DFS or sports wagering, despite efforts from the majority of states across the nation to do so and regulate these activities. Idaho is one of nine states that continue to prohibit DFS participation for their residents.

We have compiled a list of the most popular sports in Idaho and how residents may participate in them once DFS is legalized.

The Most Popular League of College Fantasy SportsTM Within Idaho
Idaho’s dearth of major league professional teams has propelled a considerable number of its citizens to become avid college football and other collegiate sports enthusiasts. Although Boise State University’s Broncos compete in the NCAA, the Idaho State University Bengals are the more well-known and successful of the two programs. A considerable number of Bengals alumni coaches and players have since been promoted to the NFL.

With no indications of slowing down, the Bengals have won one national championship and eight conferences in their brief history; their.477 mark for the 2018 season set a new mark. As anticipation grows for yet another successful Bengals season, it is certain that College DFS lineups will be loaded with players who are native to the organization.

The legislative history of daily fantasy sports

Despite Idaho’s early prominence in the gambling industry, much of that changed by the middle of the 20th century, when legislation was enacted to outlaw virtually all forms of gambling. Although certain progress has been achieved, the state is still significantly behind its neighboring jurisdictions in terms of embracing wagering.

A summary detailing significant years in Idaho’s wagering history appears below. Visit our specialized Idaho gambling page for additional details regarding wagering in the state.